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W7 Very Vegan Makeup Review

W7 Very Vegan Makeup Review

W7 have launched a new range called Very Vegan, every product from the range is cruelty-free and vegan, which I think is so great, the range has also been fully certified by the Vegan Society.

Let's start with the base of your makeup when I noticed they did foundations I was quite shocked as I didn't think they would. Buying a foundation online with nothing to go by is something I was sceptical of and never done before, I went with the lightest shade which was Bare Buff. I was worried that it was going to be super orange but when I first tried it I was quite shocked that it wasn't and matched my skin pretty well. I find this foundation to be light coverage so I build it using layers, I find it doesn't go cakey even with multiple layers. The only thing with the foundation is when you apply it looks as if it's just sitting onto of your skin, super greasy, when I fist used it I was thought it was rubbish but I found that it just takes a minute to adjust to your skin and mattify. Overall I'm quite pleased with foundation especially with it only being £9.95. The blush I went for was Maple Mist, I really like this blush. It's very pigmented and the perfect natural shade, I find that you just need to blend well and then it's perfect.

There aren't many vegan lipsticks available on the market, W7 have managed to create 23 vegan lipsticks, nudes, pink or red available in their matte or rich moisture collection. Ever since I went CF I found it difficult to find cheap lipsticks so the fact that this one is also vegan is a bonus. I went for Cheerful Cherry from their matte collection. I really like this lipstick, the only criticism I have is that it's not as matte as I would like but it's super buttery to apply to your lips, it doesn't dry them out and  I ate a meal with it on and it only had minimal fading in the middle, nothing too noticeable.
W7 Very Vegan Makeup Review
Finally their eyeshadow pallet, I don't actually own any CF drugstore eyeshadows so I wanted to try one out. I decided to go with Spring Spice, as all the shades look very wearable for the day but can also be adjusted for a night time smokey eye. They also have some dreamy eyeshadow pallets, that are egret dupes for the Naked Pallets. When I got it and swatched the shades I really liked they and they were very pigmented, however,  I was actually quite disappointed with this pallet when I came to apply it to my eyes. I found that the first shade is really lovely but the pieces of glitter are just too big, and I find they look kind of strange on the eyes. The other three and really lovely shades but I found that they weren't as pigmented on the eyelid as they were on my arm. You need to apply more to see the full colour but they do blend out really well.

Overall, I do really like their collection and I think that it's so great that they've created a vegan range, other brands should take note. I think the blush is probably my favourite, I think I'm going to try their bronzer or highlighter next. I wasn't that impressed with their quad pallet, I will still use it but I think there are much better ones available. A minor dislike I have is with their packaging, personally, I find it to be quite chunky and not the prettiest but this is kind of forgotten about when none of the items cost me over £10.

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