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What I'm loving right now #01

This is a new series I want to start doing, I'm not too sure how often it will be probably at least every month. I got inspiration from What Olivia Did as she does one every week called Sunday Duvet Reading.  I just want to share with you everything I'm loving right now.

Podcasts to listen too
At Home With...
This is Lily Pebbles and Anna (The Anna Edit's) new podcast, I was so excited when they announced they were launching a podcast. The first episode came out on Wednesday and it was with Jo Elvin the editor of Glamour Magazine. I can't wait for next weeks I have a feeling it's with Kate La Vie and here house is so beautiful, so excited to hear it.

Netflix series to watch
I've seen so many people talking about this series on twitter after the series finale has just been released. I'm only 4 episodes in but I'm really liking it so far. It kind of reminds me of PLL but easier to watch, as a school boy was killed but they don't know who killed him. It's now time to binge watch the rest of the series.

Gilmore Girls
I love Gilmore Girls and I'm currently at the end of Season 4, only 3 more seasons left - I have no idea what I'll do when I finish it. It's so easy to watch, I probably end up watching at least an episode a night, if you ever want a relaxing evening, Gilmore Girls is perfect for watching.

Blogs to read
Sunday Somewhere
I'm loving Gemma's blog recently, I love her two latest posts 5 ways to chill out in your favourite loungewear and Seraphine Botanicals. Also, all of Gemma's pictures are just so beautiful!

Martha Jane Edwards
I have been reading Matha's blog for quite a while now, I love her content and pictures so much. Some of my favourite posts include her SS17 style essentials and her latest post 5 things to look forward to in hard times, I feel like we can all relate.

Music to listen too
Loyle Carner
I first discovered him a few months ago after hearing one of his songs on the radio, since then he's released a new album Yesterday's Gone. Some of my favourites include The Isle of Arran, Damselfly and Ain't Nothing Changed. You should all go and listen to some of his tracks.

Cheesy Hits Playlist
This isn't an artist, it's actually a Spotify playlist which I'm loving. It's the best 90s/00s throwback music. It's the perfect music to cheer you up and remind you of your primary school discos.

Clothing I'm loving
I've kind of put a spending ban on myself for this month but there are so many items I'm still loving
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