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5 Things I Want To Add To My Daily Routine

Now I'm a couple of weeks into the summer holidays I found myself not having very productive days, I've had so many lazy days in bed. I've created a list of things I want to add to my daily routine.

one. Have a proper breakfast
Along with having a proper breakfast this involves creating a morning routine I can stick to. I've been on my summer holidays for 2 weeks now and I've found that I've been really lazy in the morning as I don't have a routine. I think getting up earlier and having breakfast makes me so much more prepared for the day and I'm much more productive where as when I don't have breakfast I find myself snacking all day and being super sluggish. For breakfast, I'm going to make the extra time to make my favourites including porridge and pancakes.

two. Add more movement
This one kind of links in with number one as if I create a routine I can then add exercise into it. I like to do workout videos on YouTube or I'm starting to train for 5K with the Couch 2 5K app as I'm really wanting to get into running as not only is it good physically it's also great mentally and can help to clear the mind. Even if it's 15minute yoga or an hour workout video I'm going to try to squeeze it into my day.

three. Drink more water
I feel like most people want to add this to things they want to do more of. I drink some water but nowhere near enough and I can always tell the days where I don't drink enough I find myself getting headaches. I want to buy a refillable bottle (kind of really want a love island one) as I think it will help me drink more rather than just a boring glass.

four. Less screen time in the evenings
I found that being constantly on my phone or laptop before bed massively affect my sleep. In the evenings I'm going to try to turn off my phone/laptop for half an hour to an hour before bed. With this time I'm going to read (I'm loving magazines currently either Blogosphere or Oh Comely), make a to do list for the following day or even meditate or do some yoga - which is much more beneficial than scrolling on social media.

five. Get back into my bullet journal
I haven't been using my bullet journal much recently, every now and then I write my list for the day but I haven't been doing any of my monthly pages. I changed my mind on the whole bullet journal thing, I used to try and make it perfect with pretty page designs and lot's of colours but I found it just wasn't as effective as I wasn't spending hours and hours making the pages so wouldn't use it. I now don't care how it looks I just use it for daily lists and reminders, I might try to do some monthly pages but they will not be as fancy as they use to be.

New Glasses

I have been a wearer of glasses for the past couple of years and every time, the optician announces I can get a new pair of glasses from my prescription changing, I always look forward to picking a new pair of glasses. I usually go for simple brown or black square frames, there is always so much choice so I never know which suits me best. When picking a new pair I will usually try so many different styles and colours, then usually go back to the first pair I tried. 

I always see so many amazing glasses online but I've always been kind of sceptical as I never know if they'd suit me or I'm worried about getting the prescription wrong. I'm a big fan of bigger frames due to my slightly large head I have this struggle with sunglasses of when I order them online they are always a lot smaller when I receive them, so I always have this worry when ordering glasses online. I found that GlassesShop.com were super helpful as they had all the measurements of each pair so it made it super helpful to cmpare it to my other glasses. 

I decided to choose then Glenview Round in Silver, these glasses are very different to the usual styles as I've only ever had full frame plastic frames but I think that's why I love them so much. I really like them as they are super light on my face, I sometimes forget I have them on and I find they don't slide down my nose, a probelm I've had with previous frames. Also won't they make a great blog prop as they are so pretty? 

GlassesShop.com also have prescription sunglasses available as well as their eyeglasses, which I'm really tempted to get a pair of as I always have the struggle when it comes to summer as I don't wear contact lenses so it's between seeing properly or protecting my eyes form the sun - I have to say usually seeing properly wins. They have lot's to choose from and are a lot cheaper than many other places but are still great quality. 

GlassesShop.com have given me the opportunity to give you a discount code of GSHOT50 for a chance to get 50% off a pair of glasses or sunglasses on their website, which would be perfect if your looking for some new sunnies for summer, so be sure to take advantage of it. 

*This post contains gifted items from GlassesShop.com but, all opinions are my own

Summer Wishlist

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We're in the middle of summer and the summer holidays are approaching very fast. I keep browsing some of my favourite stores, I've ended up creating such a long wishlist despite attempting to save for summer. I've created a wishlist of some of my favourite pieces available in stores at the moment. I'm not usually the biggest fan of summer fashion, I'm much more of an A/W gal, however I'm loving slogan tees, florals and frills. All we need now is some sun! 

Let me know what you're loving right now! 

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W7 Very Vegan Makeup Review

W7 Very Vegan Makeup Review

W7 have launched a new range called Very Vegan, every product from the range is cruelty-free and vegan, which I think is so great, the range has also been fully certified by the Vegan Society.

Let's start with the base of your makeup when I noticed they did foundations I was quite shocked as I didn't think they would. Buying a foundation online with nothing to go by is something I was sceptical of and never done before, I went with the lightest shade which was Bare Buff. I was worried that it was going to be super orange but when I first tried it I was quite shocked that it wasn't and matched my skin pretty well. I find this foundation to be light coverage so I build it using layers, I find it doesn't go cakey even with multiple layers. The only thing with the foundation is when you apply it looks as if it's just sitting onto of your skin, super greasy, when I fist used it I was thought it was rubbish but I found that it just takes a minute to adjust to your skin and mattify. Overall I'm quite pleased with foundation especially with it only being £9.95. The blush I went for was Maple Mist, I really like this blush. It's very pigmented and the perfect natural shade, I find that you just need to blend well and then it's perfect.

There aren't many vegan lipsticks available on the market, W7 have managed to create 23 vegan lipsticks, nudes, pink or red available in their matte or rich moisture collection. Ever since I went CF I found it difficult to find cheap lipsticks so the fact that this one is also vegan is a bonus. I went for Cheerful Cherry from their matte collection. I really like this lipstick, the only criticism I have is that it's not as matte as I would like but it's super buttery to apply to your lips, it doesn't dry them out and  I ate a meal with it on and it only had minimal fading in the middle, nothing too noticeable.
W7 Very Vegan Makeup Review
Finally their eyeshadow pallet, I don't actually own any CF drugstore eyeshadows so I wanted to try one out. I decided to go with Spring Spice, as all the shades look very wearable for the day but can also be adjusted for a night time smokey eye. They also have some dreamy eyeshadow pallets, that are egret dupes for the Naked Pallets. When I got it and swatched the shades I really liked they and they were very pigmented, however,  I was actually quite disappointed with this pallet when I came to apply it to my eyes. I found that the first shade is really lovely but the pieces of glitter are just too big, and I find they look kind of strange on the eyes. The other three and really lovely shades but I found that they weren't as pigmented on the eyelid as they were on my arm. You need to apply more to see the full colour but they do blend out really well.

Overall, I do really like their collection and I think that it's so great that they've created a vegan range, other brands should take note. I think the blush is probably my favourite, I think I'm going to try their bronzer or highlighter next. I wasn't that impressed with their quad pallet, I will still use it but I think there are much better ones available. A minor dislike I have is with their packaging, personally, I find it to be quite chunky and not the prettiest but this is kind of forgotten about when none of the items cost me over £10.

ASOS Wishlist - 20% Off

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The Ordinary Skincare

If you haven't seen this brand floating around the blogging community, where have you been? Over the past couple of weeks, I've seen so many bloggers raving about The Ordinary skincare products. I actually fist discovered them last year not long after they launched but I never found myself buying anything from there, I think because I didn't really know what to get (this is a problem I mention later) so I never really thought anything of them until about a month ago. There were now available to buy on ASOS which made it super easy to buy and they gave them a description wich I found easier to understand. I finally made the purchase and bought these three pieces. 

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What I'm loving right now #01

This is a new series I want to start doing, I'm not too sure how often it will be probably at least every month. I got inspiration from What Olivia Did as she does one every week called Sunday Duvet Reading.  I just want to share with you everything I'm loving right now.

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Cruelty Free Cosmetics

I've been cruelty-free since the beginning of 2016 after choosing to do it for my new year's resolution. I've decided to make a page called 'Cruelty-Free Ultimate Guide' where I've listed some cruelty-free brands, advise for going cruelty-free and some of my favourite bloggers. Perfect for anyone wanting to make the change to a cruelty-free lifestyle or wanting to learn more. I'm going to try my best to keep updating it. Let me know if you want to see any more cruelty-free related posts in the future.

Make sure you check out the page HERE

Bedroom Tour

Image 1: StoolRecord PlayerBedding
Image 2: ShelfHanging Plant
Image 5: BedBedding, Pillows (Primark), StoolRecord PlayerBedside TableSalt LampWire Basket, Frames (IKEA), Eye Roll PrintClockPalm Leaf Print

Image 6: WeaveCurtains 
Image 7: DeskDrawsMirrorRugShelfHanging PlantCurtainsSmall Glass BoxLarge Glass BoxSmall Mirror

This post has been a long time coming! A couple of months ago I made a post of bedroom inspiration as I've wanted to redo my bedroom for so long now, and only now have I actually had the time to do it.
I use to have pink walls and floral but I decided to go for more of a minimalist style, I painted the walls white and added in some new furniture. The only thing I didn't picture is my wardrobe as I still have the old one and it's just so big and takes a whole wall. I've also loved adding plants into my room, we just have to see how long they will last, fingers crossed I won't kill them. I now love my room and I want to stay in it forever also my bed is so comfy as I got a new mattress which means I now never want to get out of it in the mornings.

Stella McCartney Bag - First Designer Purchase

I'm so excited to share with you a bag which I've fallen in love with and it's the Stella McCartney Falabella crossbody bag in this gorgeous pink colour. This is my first designer bag purchase, which I'm also pretty excited about. For such a long time now I've been wanting to save for a designer bag as I think they are such a good investment. This isn't something I just bought, I've been researching to make sure I was happy with it and was perfect for me and years to come, I've been saving for a long time and working all summer. I love the smaller bags recently, a lot of people have the Gucci Soho Disco bag which I love, this was the size that I wanted to purchase. When I found this bag and the Anya Hindmarch Smiley Bag I wasn't quite sure which one I wanted to buy, I finally made the decision to buy a Stella McCartney bag but I was actually going to buy it in red, until I found this pink one, I'm so happy I went for the pink one in the end.

One of the reasons why I went for a Stella McCartney bag is due to the material that's used on the bag. In the designer market, Stella differentiates her brand as they are a vegetarian brand so there is not use of leather, skins, fur or feathers in any products. This was one of the reasons I love the bag because it's not leather so it's harm free but also that due to it being veggie leather it makes it different to a large majority of bags available on the market. With all Stella McCartney bags, they're lined with polyester that comes from recycled plastic water bottles which I think is pretty cool. If you want to read more on veggie leather click here.

As I mentioned before I decided to go for this blush pink colour over a red one. I love this colour as I find it goes with so much in my wardrobe and can be worn all year. It looks great in the winter as it breaks up an all black outfit and it's so pretty in the summer months. I have never had a bag this colour before, but I'm so happy I didn't stick to just a black or tan colour bag. It's also versatile as it's easy to wear in the day if your nipping into town as it's not heavy and can fit enough in but also it's perfect for a night out, as I think the chain makes it look more night time appropriate. I like to wear it crossbody mostly if not I wear it on one shoulder. If you'd like would you like me to do a what's in my bag?

Here are some other bags that I am loving at the moment

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Pre-Spring Wishlist

Everywhere has all their S/S collection available, and there are so many pieces I'm wanting, we're not quite in spring yet so I made a pre-spring wish list to share with you some of my favourites pieces in stores - summer please hurry up! You may have noticed a lot of floral print and flowy pieces, brands are also having some pretty amazing designer dupes available and are kind of killing it with all their clothes at the moment.

New Jewellery Discoveries

I've recently discovered two new jewellery brands that I need to share with you. I love both of these brands as they are ethical and sustainable brands - which I love and their pieces have become my everyday jewellery staples. I want to share them both with you as they are both doing some pretty amazing things. 

The first brand I need to share is Edge of Ember. Edge of Ember is a London based ethical jewellery brand who are pretty great as in November they created a line that raised awareness and money for Camfed - a charity aiming to tackle poverty, inequality and giving girls the support to have an education in sub-Saharan Africa - 62 girls got the chance to go to school for one year and have all the support they need to go with it: fees, uniform, stationary but also looking after their health and wellbeing. All of this seemed so amazing which made me buy some products from their collection. All their pieces are handcrafted ethically in Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia, by artisan groups including women run businesses, the fair trade organisation and home based worker so no sweat shops or child labour are used, instead they are supporting the local talent - I love how all the pieces have elements of the local culture included. As all the pieces are produced by local artisans in developing countries, made ethically with love, it means that they are not massed produced and a fair price is paid to the makers. Recycled materials are chosen and no animal products are used. 

I brought 2 rings, both in the same style - one in gold and the other in silver as I loved them so much. The only problem with them is that I'm kind of in-between sizes. I bought 2 different sizes, they only fit on one finger but, that's okay. 

The second brand I want to tell you about is YCL Jewels. I found this brand from some vegan YouTubers who always wore their pieces - since then one of them has collaborated to make a collection. I love how all their pieces are sophisticated, minimalistic, as I'm a big lover of simple, dainty pieces of jewellery. YCL is an ethical, cruelty free, vegan Australian brand, 70% of pieces are made in Australia and the other 30% are ethically produced in India. I love how they believe in that animals shouldn't suffer, that is why in their pieces and packaging there are no animal bi-products. There is minimal packaging and paper with each other as they aim to keep a low carbon footprint. I love how their mission is "to create jewellery that is not just worn for aesthetic purpose, but rather to create jewellery that holds meaning to the beholder." 

I decided to choose their Infinite Chocker in gold, I went for this one as I love the simplicity and daintiness of it. It's in gold so I don't need to worry about it turning green if I get it wet, so I never take mine off. I love that you can wear it as a choker - which I do or wear it slightly longer, I also love the fact that on the end of the extender there is a tiny purple crystal as every piece is embraced with crystals. The only thing with this necklace is that it will take a couple of weeks to get to you - it takes 4-5 weeks for them to make it as every piece is handmade once ordered and then due to it being shipped it takes around 1-2 extra weeks. I was willing to wait though as I know that they are all individually handmade ethically. There are so many pieces I want, next on my list is the Constellation Disk necklace and I'm also a big fan of their rings. Another thing was inside the box there was a pink stone - I’m not too sure of the name, though.

My Skincare Routine

This is a very overdue post, I've been meaning to post for months now. I can't quite believe that the last time and only time I posted my skincare routine was back in 2014. It's changed a lot since then, I have now switched to all cruelty-free products and use more natural products which I think has really helped to improve my skin. I have acne prone skin which is really and finally beginning to clear up, I have a few scars that are from the acne, my skin is can be oily on my t-zone and have some dry patches during the winter.

To begin my skincare routine in the evening I will remove my makeup and cleanse my skin with Lush  Dark Angles, to begin with, I wasn't sure about it but I've got the hang of it now and it really do wonders for my skin, it's left so soft afterwards, it also exfoliates my skin without being rough. I will then use my facial wash from Neals Yard if I haven't been wearing any makeup I will skip the first step and start with this product. I have actually had a full review on this here. With my facial wash, I use my Foreo Luna Mini. I love this product as it gives me a deeper clean to remove dead skin cells and makeup while unclogging pores. Due to it being made of silicone it makes it more hygienic than other facial brushes such as the Clarisonic and is fully waterproof so you can take it in the bath or shower and not have to worry about getting it wet. Fully charged I find it can last me a couple of months, and it just charges by USB.

I will then use the Tea Tree Toner from Lush, I know I've mentioned this before but this is my all time favourite lush product, it really helps with my skin type. The next step is I apply my Pai Rosehip Oil, this helps to reduce the acne scarring and even out my skin tone. I will then apply my spot treatments both from Mario Badescu, the drying lotion on whiteheads and the buffing lotion on the red or under the skin spots. It reduces the spots after one application and is gone in a couple of days. I think I'm going to have to repurchase the previous 3 products soon as I seem to be coming to the end of all three of them. I also included Mario Badescu in my 2016 favourites along with the next two products I use to finish off my skincare routine. I then use the moisturiser from Neals Yard to help moisturise my skin. I do have a full review on this here. To finish I apply my Hurraw lip balm to keep my lips smooth this has been amazing throughout the winter, I've had no dry lips.

Some other products I use every now and then include Neals Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm, it's so versatile as you can use it for so many things, I either like to use it for add moisture or an exfoliator. I will also use a face mask every couple of days my favourites include Lush Mask of Magnaminty, any of their Fresh Face Masks or Mario Badescu Whitening Mask.

What's you favourite skincare product?

Jessica Blu 1.0

You may have noticed there has been some slight changes around here. In my 2017 goals, I mentioned how I wanted to improve my blog this year, I though now is the perfect time to start achieving this goal. First of all, there's been a name change, I'm no longer Where's My Lipstick, I'm now Jessica Blu. For quite a long time now I've wanted to change my name to something more...me. To go along with the new name I thought it would only be appropriate for a new design. I've wanted to change up my blog for a while now as I've had this current design for a couple of years now. I would also like to say it's a perfect way to celebrate my 100th post and also this week I hit 500 followers - I would like to say thank you to everyone who follows, reads and comments on my blog. It really means a lot to me.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been planning and working with a lovely lady called Cat from Gatto, to create my latest design. I love my new design so much it's so fresh, clearer and hopefully easier to navigate around. I really hope you love it as much as I do. I'm planning on posting one a week, on a Sunday - I know it's not a lot but I can stick to it, some weeks there could be the odd post on a Wednesday - you might be lucky if you get that. I'm also planning on focusing on lifestyle and cruelty-free beauty in the future. Along with my new design, I want to continue to grow my blog with improved photographs and content. If there's anything you'd like to see in the future please let me know.

My 2016 Favourites

I don't really do monthly favourite posts and not much changes from month to month. Instead at I like to do these yearly posts where I discuss all my favourites from the previous year.

001. Hurraw Lip Balm
I first got introduced to this lip balm from my subscription to LoveLula box, March box. I love this lip balm so much, I like to apply it every night, I think I like it because it's waxy so it's really hydrating my lips while not leaving them sticky. By applying it most nights it's meant that over the summer and winter when my lips can get really dry it's helped to reduce it and so I haven't suffered from dry lips. It's cruelty-free and vegan too. I need to pick up more perhaps in different scents.

002. Niomi Smart
I've followed Niomi for a couple of years now but this year she has easily become one of my favourite vloggers, I've been loving her content. Also in September Niomi brought out a book, Eat Smart, which I got. Niomi is plant based and has some really great recipes that taste great but also use everyday foods.  

003. Lush Tea Tree Spray
I know I had this in my 2015 favourites but I have to include it again this year because I love it so much. For a couple of months I've been using the tea tree tablets but a couple of moths ago I splashed out and bought myself a new bottle. Integrated into my skincare routine I've found it to do wonders for my skin, it helps to reduce my acne. I like to use it every morning and evening to keep my skin refreshed, remove dirt and spots at a minimum.

004. Barry M Nail Polish in Cappuccino
I love shades like this one which is a grey tone with a purple undertone, I have similar ones in other brands but this year I found one that Barry M do. I love Barry M nail polishes because they are cruelty-free, cheap and really good formula.  

005. Neals Yard Remedies x Deliciously Ella Moisturiser
I've done a full review of this moisturiser along with the facial wash a couple of moths ago. However, I've chosen to include just the moisturiser as it's my favourite out of the two. I know some people don't like it because there is a strong scent of rose, but I really don't mind that scent. I also find it to be really moisturising but without being heavy and greasy. It's defiantly helped my skin look more radiant and feel smoother.

006. Blogosphere Magazine
I only got round to buying a subscription and I'm so happy I did and should have done it sooner. I love that it focuses on bloggers and is made especially for bloggers. I love all the interviews - my favourite was with Ella Grace Denton, it also offers great advice I love the Agony Aunt section whit all relatable bloggers problems. I look forward to the next issues to be released. It's so nice to actually get it in the post and read it rather than it being online.

007. Mario Beau
I discovered this brand earlier this year after hearing Kylie Jenner and a few other celebrities raving about one of their products, kinda weird I know. I decided to give them ago after always hearing such good review so I went online and actually spoke to them where they recommend me some products for my skin. I picked up the whitening mask, their anti-acne serum which has really helped reduce those sore red spots and the spots that sit under the skin. I also got the drying lotion, this is what everyone raved about, it's specifically for whiteheads, I dab some on and they are reduced overnight and gone in a couple of days.

008. Daniel Wellington Watch
I got this watch for Christmas last year and I don't think I've taken it off ever since I wear it nearly every day. I love it because it's so simple and classic, I got mine in the brown and gold combination and found that it can go with any outfit I wear to make it look complete. I would love to expand and perhaps get a silver one.

009. Too Faced, Better Than Sex Mascara
This past year I've been focusing more on my skincare routine than my makeup collection. However on the days where I choose to wear makeup, I will always go for this mascara, sometimes I just wear it with nothing else because it just makes your eyes pop. I love it because it really lengthens and adds volume to my lashes without making them heavy or feel clumpy - I hate it when mascaras do that. I think I may just have to purchase the waterproof version as well.

010. Bloggers & Vloggers
There are so many amazing bloggers and bloggers I've discovered over the past year. I did a twitter thread of some of my favourites but I'm just going to list them for you now on here. You should go and check them all out as they are all brilliant!

- The Michalak's 
- Jess Who
- Lily Pebbles
- Forever September
- Eleanor Claudie
- The Anna Edit 
- Ms Rosie Bea 
- Love Cloth 
- Media Marmalade 

What have been your favourites of 2016?

Blog Update For 2017 & Questionnaire

In my 2017 Goals post, I mentioned how I wanted to improve my blog. I know were only 4 days in but it's never too early to start the changes. For quite a while now I've been wanting to change my blog. Before I go through with these changes I think it would be interesting to hear your opinion on my current blog, because it is you who reads my blog. It's completely anonymous so you can be honest, it should only take around 5 minutes to answer. I've never done anything like this before so I'm quite excited to hear your opinion on my blog.

You'll find the survey blog if that doesn't work for you here's a link

Thank you again for answering - I look forward to reading the responses.

Hello 2017

Happy New Year! It's time again for my annual post where I like to share my goals for the up and coming year. If you haven't already make sure you check out my post of where I shared what I achieved in 2016. I think the goals I've set fairly realistic and hopefully I can achieve them throughout the year, I'll let you know in June and December how I got on with them and if I achieved them.

one. reduce my consumption of meat and dairy
I know people might think it's weird to have cruelty-free beauty products before cutting out meat from my diet, but that's just the way I did it. Since I've become cruelty-free I've obviously learnt bout the industry and I've come across all the benefits of having a plan based diet. I'm planning on giving Veganuary ago, starting from today, I'm not too sure I'll fully stick to it but I need to learn I can make mistakes and learn from them. If any of you are plant-based or know of any good blogs or YouTube channels please let me know.

two. Pass my driving test 
I started to learn to drive last year and so fingers crossed I can pass my test this year and visit lots of new places.

three. Explore more - Visit new places 
This kind of goes with number two, as if I pass I will be able to visit new places more easily. It's not about visiting multiple new countries (that would be lovely but not realistic) I mean more new cities and even new areas I've never been to that are local to me.

three. learn new things
I feel this is really important, to keep learning a new skill, I know I set it last year but I would like to change the skill this year. If you saw me What I Got For Christmas you may have noticed I got quite ab it of calligraphy and handwriting tools, which I would like to put to good use and learn how to write with the properly.

five. Improve my blog
I always want to keep improving my blog, create my own writing style and improve my pictures. Another area of my blog I want to improve is with the whole deign of it, I'm planning on changing my name to a more personal name. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled as it should be revealed within the next couple of weeks.

six. Read more books
I've never been the biggest bookworm and I don't think I'm going to achieve that wishing 2017, however, I would like to read some books. I'm setting myself a small goal of 1 a month, I know it's small but I'm hoping I can then achieve or exceed it. If you have any recommendations let me know.

All the best for 2017!

Let me know your 2017 goals.