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What I got for Christmas

This year I've seen lots of people on Twitter saying how they love to read these posts, I do love to read them as well but there seem to quite a bad stigma around them will people afraid to show what they got as they are seen to be bragging. I've also been reading a few, mainly because I'm also very nosy.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, I know I did and I defiantly ate way too much food, I still feel stuffed. I was also very lucky and received so many lovely gifts of my friends and family - I was a lucky girl. I'm currently having a very relaxing Christmas, watching all the films, eating chocolates and trying to pre-write some blog posts before I go back to school and start the new year.

Now on to the presents, this year I asked for a lot of things that I would get good use out of. last Christmas I got a record player and so I asked for some vinyls which I can play on it, I got Adele and Alt-J, two artists I love. You might also see a lot of calligraphy and writing items that's because in the new year I really want to have a go at writing this year, so I got the Quill Calligraphy Kit which came so beautifully wrapped, the Nib & Ink Book and some Ink and Water Brushes. Something which some of you might think is kind of storage to get but I asked for a label maker - I love it. I'm a jeans and trainer kind of girl so I got a new pair and they are the Vans Old Skool trainers, I've seen these everywhere and I love the look of them as you can wear them with anything, they are also super comfy. I didn't get much beauty products this year, but I got the annual Lush Christmas Bath Bombs and Perfume. I feel like a lot of people may have got this but I really wanted on after seeing everyone have one and that's the Mermaid Blanker, mine is in a gorgeous baby pink colour. Finally, I revived so much chocolate that I need to get through!

In a previous post, you nay of seen me mention that I took part in a gift swap run by Viola. I ended up getting Chole who is from www.chloebeeslife.com - make sure you go and check out her blog.

Chloe got me a cute little mug with the letter J on it - you can never have too many cute mugs. I also received a wash bag with a hand cream and lip balm inside. Finally, I received a cute little candle, a rose gold pen with a notebook.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! If you've uploaded your 'What I got for Christmas' make sure you link it in the comments and I'll check it out.

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