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Look Back on 2016

 I'm sure you read this on all blog posts like this but I can't quite believe that we are at the end of 2016 and 2017 is very near. I thought I'd so a quick look back on the year 2016.

one. Switch to cruelty-free beauty products
I feel like this has been my most successful aim out of the five I set at the beginning of the year. This year you may have noticed I haven't posted many beauty posts, this is because I've found myself becoming more focused on improving my skin care. I've hardly bought any makeup pieces this year, instead, I've found lots new skincare brands, something which helped with this was you may remember in the first couple of months you may remember me reviewing the LoveLula subscription box - this helped me discover so many new brands. I wish and I plan to do more blog posts on my cruelty-free favourites. 

two. Continue to enjoy blogging 
I've kind of been loving blogging a the moment, I know I only really publish one post a week for me that works the best for me. I would like to post more but I'm such a perfectionist with each post so I seem to choose quality over quality. I've also got some plans for my blog but I'm not too sure so I'm thinking of announcing more in the new year.

three. Do more Yoga
I haven't really done as much yoga as I planned this year. I go through phases, just like woking out I can commit and do it every day and then I won't do anything for weeks. This is something I know I say every year but I'd like to improve next year. 

four. Use my time more wisely 
I feel like so much has happened this year. This time last year I was preparing for my GCSE mocks and now here I am preparing for my A-Level mocks. I can't quite believe how much has changed this year. Throughout the start, to mid year I worked hard to get my results which I was very happy with. Then in the summer I did just relax and enjoy my time off, which I think I deserved. I've also been making sure I tick off my to do list as this year I started my bullet journal which has helped me completed needed tasks.

five. Learn a new skill
I think the biggest thing I've learnt is how to drive, I haven't had my test yet but I'm hoping to pass next year. This main goal was that originally I planned to create candles and sell them but the whole process is taking a lot longer than I expected as a lot of time is needed for it to succeed - hopefully next year. 

I think this will be my last post before Christmas, so I wish you all a wonderful Christmas. 

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