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Mini Lush Skincare Haul

I haven't been to Lush for ages so I made a trip to my local one recently. Even though it was full of Christmas products, I restricted and just bought some skincare products. This year I've been trying to improve my skincare products as I'm trying really hard to improve and keep my skin to be the best it's ever been. This post is a haul on why I brought them but also my first impressions of them as I've only used them a couple of times. I'm thinking of doing a skincare routine soon so let me know if you'd like to see one.

I've tried a few of their fresh face masks but I'm yet to try Rosy CheeksThis one appealed to me not just because it's a cute baby pink but because recently my skin can sometimes feel sensitive and dry. It's aimed to help calm and soothe redness to help cleanse and smooth the skin. I've only used this once and I did find that my skin feels calmer which is good for acne and sensitive skin. Some of the ingredients and their benefits are Calamine Powder which helps to calm the skin while cleansing, Rose Oil to help reduce the redness and nourish your skin tones and Kaoline to remove all the dirt. I'm yet decided if I really like it because there are others I prefer but if my skin is feeling sensitive and sore it's probably the best for that. However, with the fresh face masks, you have to always use them within in 2 weeks and keep in the fridge.

The next product I purposely went in to try and that's the Dark Angels Cleanser. This cleanser is especially good for when you feel like your skin needs a good cleanse to help remove all the dirt because it's a gritty cleanser - I like these because you feel as if they are really cleaning your skin but especially with this one your not being harsh to the skin. Inside this cleanser there are quite a lot of beneficial ingredients such as Charcoal and Black Sugar to exfoliate and rebalance, Rhassoul mud to deep cleanse the skin, Avocado to moisture and soften the skin all of this help to leave your skin feeling balanced and fresh after exfoliating and cleansing the skin. The first time I used this I was like 'why did I buy this' because of it charcoal it made such a mess and was difficult to use as you have to add the right amount of water to the product and scrub it. I found it really hard to remove and found it can stain my skin. But if you use hot water and a cloth I found you can remove it all. My skin did feel so great after using it, so despite the mess, it can make the benefits to my skin make it worth while.

Finally, I brought Tea Tree Toner, this is actually a repurchase for me, I bought it a few years ago and ever since I've been topping it up with the tea tree tablets. But I wanted to buy myself a new one. I went for the bigger size as it's probably one of my favorite lush products. It contains Tea Tree so help to skin your skin clear and fresh because tea tree is great to help reduce acne due to it being an antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial and then there is juniper berry is antiseptic and helps keep skin clean and clear and grapefruit to keep your skin refreshed. I like to spray this onto my skin morning and night to help keep spots at a minimum while keeping my skin refreshed and removing dirt. I think I will continue to buy this product for years to come!

What's your favourite Lush product?

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