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Christmas Blogger Gift Swap

The other day I was scrolling through Twitter looking to see if anyone had organised a bloggers secret Santa. I came across Viola (A Piece of Viola) who this year has organised a bloggers gift swap. I remember doing one of these a couple of years ago and they are so much fun secretly buying presents for a blogging friend. The deadline has now gone but I'm going to share it anyway and maybe you could join next year if Viola chooses to run it again.

The deadline for this was 1st November. On the 6th November, I will find out who my partner is. I will get to know them so we have a better idea of what gifts to send another. By the 17th December I would have sent my gift for them to open, then I will share with you how it went and what I received.

I'm really looking forward to this and I'm so excited to find out my partner and get to know them. This has made me kind of excited for Christmas *aha* and it's a great way to include blogging friends into your festive spirits. It's truly such a lovely idea created by Viola.

If you've missed the deadline for this one there is also another Secret Santa being run by The Bloggers Bees where you have until the 20th to sign up.

I look forward to sharing who I got paired up with and the gifts I received.

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