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How I Stay Organised Blogging

How I stay organised blogging with school and work

I've now been back at sixth form for a month now and I've actually managed to upload a new post every week. I'm going to share my tips on how I try to stay organised and with school and blogging. I've found that if I keep on top of it's much less stressful and I enjoy blogging more while still having time for school work.

Write it all down
This is something I've always liked to do even with all the technology. Last month I started a bullet journal after hearing so many people having a success with them - if you'd like me to do a post on it I'll be happy too. I have set out a couple of pages; one for ideas of blog posts and another page for posts where I've got a checklist of things to do. I find this helps me to say on to as I see what I've got to do and when I plan for them to go up. I do also have a notes page on my phone for those random ideas of posts that we always get when we're out.

Do things in bulk
I find this post effective with photos. For me, it works best if I take my pictures at the weekend because then I can catch the good light at midday. It can then also give me time to edit them at the weekend or in the week. You can also then have a few images for when you're stuck for inspiration or have some bad lighting. Sometimes I will also write my posts in bulk, so I have some ready to upload if I become busy with school work, such as writing a couple of posts in holidays help me out sometimes.

This is what I would say keeps me the most organised. I've only recently started to schedule my posts but I like to schedule my tweets. For my tweets, I use a platform called TweetDeck, personally, for me, I've found this to be the best I also like to use the platform for when I'm on twitter chats as it's easier to follow. For around 10 minuted I will spend scheduling tweets for the following day or the weekend. Something I wish to improve is tweeting throughout the week, I just find sometimes I forget so I need to make more time for this. Scheduling is so handy because you don't have to worry about sharing your post if your busy and just forget to tweet. I also schedule my posts now so I'll write them in the week and then schedule them for the weekend. Then I don't have to remember to publish it and all my posts go up at the same time.

How do you stay organised with your blog?


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  1. Sixth Form & blogging is invariably difficult! Great tips!