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Rosie Bea's Collection for Elegant Touch & Eylure

Rosie Bea's Collection for Elegant Touch and Eylure

Rosie Bea is a vlogger, who I've been subscribed to for quite a long time now. When she announced that she had been working on this collection I was very excited because I knew she'd bring out something amazing. If you've never watched Rosie, let me just tell you she has absolutely stunning red hair. Rosie has teamed with Elegant Touch to bring out 6 false nail designs and Eylure to bring out 6 sets of false eyelashes. Rosie's collection is available in Superdrug online and in some Superdrug stores. 

I'm not really a false eyelash wearer so I decided to pick up just one pair to start with. There are 4 full eyelashes - 2 for daytime and 2 for a night, and then there are 2 3/4 sets. I went to the 3/4 lengths because I feel I can get away wearing them easily due to them being very natural and delicate. These lashes come with adhesive and can be reused which I think is great, you also get and the instruction sheet on how to apply them for eyelash novices - like me.

I decided to pick up these two patterns because these both first caught my attention when Rosie debuted them all. Each pack comes with 24 nails in 10 different sizes, then along with instructions on how to apply them, a nail buffer and glue. Spotlight is a nude nail with copper accents - aka a bloggers dream. And then I also picked up Truffle this was the one I wanted to get the most as I just find the colour really flattering with my skin tone. I'm not really a huge false nail wearer but I like the shape of these as they are not too long but also if you find them too long you can file them down a bit which is what I did with them. They lasted around 5 days before the first one came off, which to me is pretty good as normally by then if you've painted your nails they would have chipped by then.

I know that when Roise applies her nails she usually applies nail guards first, I was going to pick some up but they didn't have any in store. I still feel like I'm going to pick them up next time I'm in a store because they can make the whole process easier and protect your nails more. 

Overall, I've been very pleased with Rosie's collection. In the future I defiantly plan to pick up more pieces, I've got my eye on the Sweetpea nails, which are such lovely daisy print nails. I've found them to be really affordable because you can reuse them. 

Have you tried anything from Rosie's Collection?

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