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Spring Wardrobe Clear Out Tips

Now is the perfect time to have a massive clear out, as you can get rid of the old piece you haven't worn for ages or don't fit you to then make room for some new pieces for summer and winter. Having a massive clear out is something I actually really like to do, at the time it might seem like the worst idea ever, but trust me you feel great afterwards. I've put together a few tips to have a successful clear out from the lessons I've to learn over the years.

1. Empty everything out
This is something I've learnt there is no point trying to have a clear out when half the items are left in the wardrobe. It then makes it so much easier when putting them back in as you have to individually check each item

2. Be totally honest with yourself 
It's time to be brutal - sorry clothes. It may seem hard to do but it has to be done if you want to make room for some extra clothes! Ask yourself questions I like to ask:
- When was the last time I wore it? if it wasn't within the last year it's time to go.
- Does it go with 3 other pieces in my wardrobe? I find it pointless to keep lots of items that will only go with one other piece of clothing I own.
- Does it suit me and fit me properly? It's something we're all guilty of buying those jeans in the size smaller in the sale because we're going to loose weight and fit in them. Never happened and still in your wardrobe a year later with the label on - only keep it if it fits you and flatters your figure currently.

3. Be organised 
This goes for when you are sorting them out. I like to make piles on the floor of 'keep' and 'donate', this way there is no mix-up and you'll find you can get through all the clothes a lot quicker.
Also when you're putting them back into your wardrobe I find it's best to organise them in categories e.g. Coats - Jumpers - Tops - Dresses - Skirts - Trousers. Then I like to organise those categories by colour. I see some people's wardrobes and I'm like 'how can you possibly find any clothes to wear in there' as everything is just chucked in (I'm talking about my sister). These steps will just make it easier for you when picking out and putting away clothes. 

4. Make the most of your unwanted clothes 
With your pile of 'donate' make use of them, even if you don't want them somebody else might be extremely grateful for them. I like to donate to friends/family or sell them on depop, you could also donate them to a charity shop.

I've had a massive clear out and I've put a lot of my unwanted clothes on Depop - check out my page it's @WMLJESS (including some makeup too)

Have you had a spring clean recently? 

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