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Products I'm Wanting To Try In 2016

Products and brands I want to try in 2016

I want to make 2016 the year I try new brands but by higher quality products that might be better quality instead of a load of rubbishy products from off the high street. I made a list of some of the items I'm wanting to try during this year. I know to this are brands and products that a lot of people have tried already but when it comes to buying beauty I like to go to a store and trial out the product, I find that most of these brands aren't available in stores close to me, so I've never got the chance to go and see them in person.

NARS: Two products that I'm quite interested in trying is their Sheer Glow Foundation. I always hear such good reviews of this product by other bloggers, and because my skin has gone quite dry recently I feel it could be a better match to my skin than my current foundation. I also hear good reviews on is their Lip Pencil, I also heard it's one of Taylor Swift's favourites - it must be good.

Charlotte Tilbury: I feel like this brand blew up in the blogger world in 2015 and only hearing raving reviews about all their products. They have the prettiest packaging too. There are quite a few products that I wouldn't mind trying out but the top of my list has got to be a lipstick, preferably in a matte red.

Pai Rosehip Oil: This is yet another product I heard such good reviews about last year. After clearing my skin from acne, recently I've noticed that it's become a dryer and I've been left with a lot of scarring. Hopefully, this will help to clear up my acne scarring.

Neals Yard Beauty Balm: This is another product aimed at my acne scarring due to containing rose. I got in contact with Neals Yard and asked them what the best product was for getting rid of acne and they actually recommended this. I also love how versatile the Beauty Balm is as it acts as a cleanser, exfoliator, mask and more. I love the packaging on this too!

Urban Decay Naked Concealer: I'm yet to find the perfect concealer, so let's hope this one could be it. I always hear such good thing about this one and its foundation. I expect it could be good as it seems to be anything from the Naked range is pretty good.

Hourglass Blush: Yet another raved about the brand by bloggers, I felt like over the Christmas period everyone was talking about it. I feel like I need to just get my paws on it and see what all the fuss it about.

The Balm: I feel like I need to add another nude eyeshadow pallet to my collection. I'm also wanting to try a couple other products from their line to like their blush and highlighters.

What products are you wanting to try this year?

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