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Ways To Use Coconut Oil In Your Beauty Routine

Coconut oil beauty uses

Coconut oil. You've probably heard about this little product before and all the great things it can do and be used for. I know most people use it for cooking as a healthy alternative, let me show you all the great things you can use it for in your everyday beauty routine. 

Lip Balm 
Works perfect for dry lips, add some brown sugar to exfoliate your lips. 

Eye Cream
Apply to under your eyes to help prevent wrinkles, puffiness and bags. 

Apply to your skin instead of your normal moisturiser. For your body and face. 

Shaving Cream
Before you shave apply coconut oil to wet skin then just simply shave over it. 

Treat Dry Skin 
Anywhere you have some dry patches add coconut oil for extra moisture. 

Face Mask
Mix in some extra ingredients for the perfect homemade face mask, recipes here.

Body Scrub
Like the lip exfoliator, add in salt or coarse sugar to the coconut oil. 

Hair Mask 
Apply to wet hair, let it sit, then rinse out. 

Eye Makeup Remover
Put some on a cotton pad and then wipe over the eyes. 

Hand Cream
Apply to the hands and rub in like a normal hand cream. 

What's your favourite thing to use coconut oil for? 

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