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The Perfect Pamper Night

We all have them stressful days at work or school when we get back home and all we want to do it just relax and forget about everything that has happened. I love a really good pamper night as it's an easy way to just forget everything and have some 'me' time. I feel like I could be doing this routine a lot more as I'm going back to school in only a week and a bit *sad face*.

To start off remove all your makeup and get out of them horrible work/school clothes. Now it's time to relax. Run a lovely, warm bath and pop in your favourite bath bomb (for me it's got to be one of Lush's bath bombs, they have a great range to help you relax). Watch it fizz away, then step in and lie there for a bit relaxing. Maybe try listening to some music, catching up on youtube videos or grab a drink - I always like a cold glass of water). You could also put on your favourite face mask, to help deep cleanse your skin. I love the ones from Lush my favourite is cupcake, sadly you can't eat this cupcake. Now you've been in there for a while it's time to get out and move on to the next steps of your pamper night. Oh but first make sure you remove your face mask.

Now that's complete put on your favourite pyjamas or dressing gown. Grab your favourite snacks; chocolate, popcorn - anything to make you happy. Who cares if it's unhealthy! Turn on the TV to watch your favourite chick flick or catch up on the latest TV episode - mine in Made In Chelsea LA - I don't care. Turn the lights down and light a couple of candles to make sure you're fully relaxed. Let's look at them nails. We can't forget about them in this pamper routine. Grab your favourite nail polish and give them a fresh new look, loving Sugar Apple from Barry M.

If you're not already, it's time to get into your favourite pyjamas and complete your evening skincare routine before we get into bed and have an early night, sleep is the best way to relax and forget everything. Then when we wake up the next morning we will be ready to conquer the world (maybe just the following week at school)!

What's your essential for when you have a pamper night?

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