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Happy & Healthy: August / Life Tonics

Life Tonics Review

Life Tonics Review 

Okay...how can I say this. This month my more plant-based diet has kind of gone out of the window. This month I have kind of gone back to my old habits although the only good thing is that I haven't eaten as much junk food. I'm not really sure what to say as this month hasn't been that exciting. However every week I have been wanting to stuff my face with cakes and bread because the Bake Off is back on and they make so amazing pieces - that lion bread.

Again this has been a bit of a fail this month. I have done some but know where near as much as I would like to do, at least it's a start. When I have been working out my favourite has been a Tea Bo workout my favourite is this one from YouTube. It's tough but I find myself enjoying it and pushing myself to get through the whole video. Toward the end of this month, I did a couple of yoga videos, I feel like it could help me relax more in the future. I love Yoga with Adrian especially her videos for beginners.

The Next 30 Days
I'm back to school :( so I think the biggest challenge of next month is to have a routine as I've not got to put school and homework into the picture. I'm going to try my hardest to make a routine and try my very hardest to stick to it. If anyone knows how to juggle blogging, school, homework, social life and fitness any tips would be greatly appreciated.

My Favourite
I've been loving Life Tonics this month. Life Tonics is a brand of drink that helps hydrate with coconut water from 'natural fruit extracts, vitamins and minerals'. There is an isotonic formulation in these drinks so they help absorb more water when working out. Life Tonics is a great drink and perfect to swap to if you love a sports drink after working out as they have high levels of potassium and minerals. They are also perfect if you are out running as they release energy slowly to help improve your stamina. They currently have 3 flavours available: Coconut & Mint, Elderberry & Juniper and Dalandan Orange. My favourite is the coconut & mint, I was quite surprised that I liked this one because I'm not a massive fan of coconut but I find it very refreshing. Each bottle only contains 90 calories! You can buy them for £1.49 at W H Smiths or Waitrose. 

How has your August been, what's your favourite thing you've done this month? 

*This post contains gifted items from Life Tonics, all opinions are my own.

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