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The Classic Red Lip

Recently I've been taking a step out of my comfort zone and have been choosing to wear a bright, matte, red lip over my nude, pink lip. I've been wanting a lipstick like this for a while, I was unsure whether to get this one or Russian Red. I am so glad that I chose this one because I love it so much.
I always feel that if you have the most simple outfit or makeup it can really complete it. Anyone else feels like with the perfect red lip you can conquer the world and is ready for anyone?

Ruby Woo is extremely matte. I do like it being matt but when it's matt it has its downsides. If you apply it to dry lips it's extremely difficult to get it when you want it to go due to it being matt and stiff. So a tip for when using this lipstick is to use an exfoliator before (love the one from Lush) to help get rid of the dry flaky skin on your lips. I then like to apply a lip balm, I always use this one from The Body Shop. I let the moisture sink into my lips and then I will apply the lipstick, so you get a smoother application. Make sure you don't apply straight onto of the lip balm otherwise the colour won't be shown to its full potential. There are a couple of more reasons why I love this lipstick and one is because it will last on the lips for hours and you hardly need to reapply throughout the day - that's the benefit of it being so matte. Another reason why I really like it that it makes your teeth look whiter and because it suits a lot of skin colours. I hate it when you get a lipstick and it doesn't suit everyone.  The only thing I'm wanting is a lip liner although you don't need a lip liner I would just quite like one to get the perfect shape lip. Does anyone have any recommendations?

What's your favourite colour lipstick?

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