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How to be Vegan by Elizabeth Castoria 
This was the first book I bought when I was researching veganism. When you get to read into it there is so much great information, that I never heard of before. It extremely helpful if you are in the transition of a meat eater to a more vegan lifestyle. I do have the admit the recipes inside aren't really my taste of recipes and it's quite American as nearly all of the recommended restaurants are in the USA.

The Glam Guide by Fleur de Force
Believe it or not, this is actually the first book I have bought that has been written by a YouTuber. I mentioned late last year that I really wanted to read this book this year, and it looks like I have now. There are actually some great pieces in this book, I especially love the section on blogging and fitness. However, I do think that some of the articles are for younger teenagers who are just getting into beauty, fashion etc.

Keep it Vegan by Áine Carlin
This was a rather cheap book considering how good it is, another reason I bought this book. I love so many recipes in this book due to the simplicity of them, I have actually cooked a few and they were very tasty. I will defiantly be continuing to use this book in the future. A highly recommend this book to everyone, even if you aren't a vegan, it's great to add more fruit and veg into your diet. 

Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward
I've been wanting this book for ages now, after always hearing so many brilliant reviews everywhere. I've flicked through and there are some amazing dishes, but I have to admit that I haven't actually cooked any yet (I don't really know why). One day I really want to try the sweet potato brownies. I will defiantly be buying her new book which is released early next year. 

Get the Glow by Madeleine Shaw
Recommended by Millie Mackintosh. There are loads of great recipes that I've tabbed, however, this book isn't really vegan (as she uses meat, eggs, dairy etc). Another great feature in this book is the '6-week program to get the glow'. Recently she has brought out a smoothie range. I was super excited when Madeline said she was releasing this book due to loving her YouTube channel and blog. In all the pictures, Madeline looks great and so does the food. 

What books have you been loving?

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