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A Bright Lush Haul

I was super excited when I heard that my local Lush is now stocking the products that use to be only available in the Oxford Street store. I managed to pick up a couple of new products - beware they are very bright and colourful. 

Pink Flamingo £4.95 
Look, it's a flamingo! There was no way I was walking past this in the shop. When I smelt it up it reminded me of their Christmas range as I think it smells very much like snow fairy. I really like it when bubble bars are on a stick because they are easier to keep and it's better when holding it under the tap. After looking at the ingredients, I feel like it is going to make my skin super soft and moisturised due to some of the ingredients. 

This is one of those really big bath bombs where I feel I might use it in a couple of baths because it's so big. I really love the design of this bath bomb with the geometric shape and the colours (underneath is white and orange, with a little purple around the edge btw). I can't wait to use this bath bomb after seeing all the amazing colours it produces once in the water. I find the scent to be unusual, I find that it's sweet but also spicy. 

I have the tea tree toner water but I've recently run out and I was recommended by the women in the store to get these tabs instead of another bottle. With these, they are super relaxing as you pop them into some boiling water then put your face over the steam then allow the essential oils to enter your pores. With the rest of the water pour it into the pot then use the water again. It's also perfect if you have oily or spotty skin. 

Love the name for this bubble bar. Again one of the reasons I picked this up was because of the bright colours that have been used. The scent of this one is spicy with a hint of citrus. I find that it is always nice to have some savoury bath bombs (does that phrase fit?) because sometimes sweet scents can be too overpowering and sickly. 

Have you tried anything from their new range? 

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