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The Ugly Shoe?

Birkenstocks. I feel like they are a bit like marmite, you either love or hate them. I wanted to write this post after recently buying a new pair and realising how they are a shoe that has been around for years and manages to make a comeback every summer but yet some people really dislike them and think they are very ugly.

They have been around for many years (1774 in fact - wow I didn't know they had been around for that long). I actually remember having a brown pair when I was younger and always wearing them. I got back into wearing them again after pinning so many images on Pinterest and realising they can actually look really nice if they are worn right. I feel like they are a shoe that can go with anything and can just complete an outfit. I own three pairs and there isn't an outfit that they don't go with. They are one of them shoes where once you get the first couple of uses out the way, they then become the most comfortable pair of shoes ever and you'll end up walking miles but feeling like you are walking in the clouds.

I have picked out a couple of pairs of Birkenstocks. Look how many styles there are; metallic colours, two front straps, a back strap and even a toe cover.

The question is, do you love or hate them? 

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