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Dry Shampoo Reviews

Dry shampoo review Batiste eden COLAB paris Herbal Essence

My hair: I have quite thin, flat hair that gets greasy very quickly, my hair will be greasy a day after washing it. I will wash my hair every other day, so I tend to use dry shampoo on a regular base.  

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Eden // £3.29 
I've been using Batiste dry shampoo for as long as I can remember and I would say it is the most popular dry shampoo brands. However, I have a love-hate relationship with them. Some of their products are so good and others are diabolical, it's like they have good and bad batches; I always seem to buy from the bad batch. This time I picked up 'Eden' it is a new one that they've just released.  I really like the scent of this one it is a very sweet, pretty fragrance, you most probably expected that from the bottle design. I find that the scent is long-lasting and make your hair smell amazing all day, without a touch-up. The consistency is what I expect from a dry shampoo, it's not too heavy or too light, compared to the others, I would class it as the most normal. However, I find the biggest problem with Batiste is the white residue it leaves on the hair, especially with me having brown hair it looks like I'm going grey very early or I have bad dandruff. Not what I want. Normally you can rub it out but I find they're white reside extremely hard to hide. 
★★★☆☆ 3/5 

Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo in Citrus // £2.99
Herbal Essence is relatively new to the dry shampoo market. To be honest, they have brought a pretty good product to the market. This is the cheapest out of all of them at just under £3. I picked up the citrus scent, the scent isn't very strong and you only have a slight smell of the scent when it's in your hair. I love this dry shampoo because not only does it hide your greasy hair it will also add volume to your hair. Compared to the others the formula is rather thick and heavy; you defiantly know that you have dry shampoo in your hair, I don't quite agree with the '1st-day clean feel' because it leaves your hair so thick and voluminous. I don't really mind though because you don't need to spray as much compared to the others, I find a small spray can go a long way. Sometimes I get white residue but it's very easy to rub out.
★★★★☆ 4/5

COLAB Dry Shampoo in Paris // £3.49
The creator of COLAB is a fellow YouTuber and Blogger (most of you will know already), Ruth Crilly. Ruth has done an excellent job creating these, the bottle contains everything you could ever want in a dry shampoo. Firstly I have to say they have the best design out of all of them. I picked up 'Paris', which is a floral fragrance consisting of rose and jasmine. COLAB seems to have the strongest smell once sprayed on the hair - which isn't a bad thing.  I want to use it as a perfume! Out of all the time I've been using COLAB, I have never experienced any grey hair moments - which is great. However, I feel that the only negative of COLAB dry shampoo is that you have to use a lot of it to cover the greasy patches because the formula is so light, so you tend to get through a bottle quite quick. The other side to that is that your hair isn't weighed down and you don't feel that you have any product in your hair. 
★★★★★ 5/5 

What's your favourite dry shampoo to use?


  1. ohh I didn't know that essence sell dry shampoos now! I love the Colab dry shampoo too, they smell so good x


  2. You should give them a go! COLAB are by far my favourite though x

  3. Sara Nielsen21 July, 2015

    I have never tried COLAB, only batiste!


  4. I am SO glad I'm not alone with rating the Batiste dry shampoo relatively low - since dying my hair darker I have the exact problem of my hair appearing grey - definitely not what you want. I'll have to look into COLAB.


  5. My hair is the exact same as yours, but oddly I rate Batiste the best!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  6. ellie__hey23 July, 2015

    that colab one sounds well fancy x

  7. I haven't tried the COLAB one but I have heard amazing things! I do swear by the herbal essences one though, it's the best I've tried :) x


  8. Peace Firestone25 July, 2015

    My best friend would love this post!
    I don't use dry shampoo. Maybe it's worth a try? :)
    Peace xo