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"What do you want to be when you're older?..."

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This post has been on my list for months but I've never posted it because it's more of a personal post, but I am sure I am not the only person in the world who has/is feeling like this!

I'm currently doing my GCSEs at school;
I've suddenly had a massive wake up call that in a couple of years I'm going to be entering the 'real world' (as all adults call it). I feel like there are only a couple of years left of the childhood quote that everyone and their mother has used "When I'm older I want to be..." Soon my routine that I've been doing since I was 4 will be coming to an end; wake up, go to school... and a whole new one will be created.

"What do you want to be when you are older?" A question that is asked to you all through out of your childhood. I've had a few ideas over the years; a princess, then a vet, then a teacher, they all got more realistic. The truth is at this moment of time I have no idea. I am the only one out of my friends who doesn't know what they want to be - I feel like that puts more pressure on me to pick a career path I would like to go down. I have a slight outline of what I want to do, but they could lead to hundreds of possibilities - 1 Travel the world 2. Meet loads of new people 3. Not be stuck in the same office seat every day working from 9-5. I'm currently not even sure whether or not I should go to university. I can only see it as I will be in thousands of pounds in debt, and what if that wasn't even the right course for me. Scary!

The other week one of my teachers said to my class "these letters are going to be written on every job application for the rest of my life." It kind of freaked me out at the time, but it's a hundred percent true.

Are any of you in the same position as me?


  1. i'm 25 and still have no idea what to do with my life, you have plenty of time! i can't stand the thought of having a 9-5 job and not being able to do what i want with my life so i'm taking as much time as i can for now :)

    xx danielle // shadesofdanielle.blogspot.com

  2. I'm 22 and I'm still trying to sort it out! The best advice I've received is to focus on your education and leave your options open - no one can take a degree/diploma away from you, and you can always expand on what you know down the line. :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  3. It is such a scary time and I remember it so well. Totally not trying to sound like a boring parent type, but the most important thing is to do what you want to do. I went through school wanting to work in the media, in writing and photography but was bombarded by people telling me I needed to go to university and get a 'proper'/reliable career. I am currently, 4 years after leaving school, about to leave university and do something entirely different to what I've been studying and training for because it isn't wasn't what I really want to do! I am grateful that I will be leaving with a degree, but in reality I probably won't be using it as I have decided to focus now on what I truly want to do, and am even more grateful that I am able to do it.
    If you don't know what you want to do, then keep your options open, but the possibilities truly are endless! Sorry for a massive comment but it's something I feel very strongly about haha. Enjoy yourself, and the rest will follow!
    Carrie xx

  4. I'm most definitely in the same position as you. Even though I'm only 18, everyone around seem to be so sure about their future except for me. I'm not worried at all though - I'm sure I'll discover a passion along the way.


  5. I am currently doing GCSEs too, and I think I want to have a career involved in the Law, but then I'm not sure as I change my mind quite often. I think I will just concentrate on passing my GCSES first :)

  6. I completely understand how you are feeling. When I was in my final year of school I had no idea what I wanted to do, none at all. I decided to go to university because it seemed to be what everyone was doing, and you don't pay tuition in Scotland so I thought why not. I chose to study Marketing and I actually didn't even know what it was but my dad suggested it and once I looked into it a bit I thought it sounded okay and I'd just go for it and see what happens! It wasn't until my second year of university that I realised what I wanted to do and now I've been working in my graduate job for almost a year and love it. I don't know if I would make the same decisions if I could do it all over again but just taking a leap and picking something that sounded interesting meant that I've found a job I love, although five years ago it isn't one I'd of even considered! It's funny how these things work out but you will find where you want to be given time. Don't worry about it too much just now, just do what feels right and you'll find your way :)
    Nicole xx / www.lifeinginger.com

  7. Primary teacher sounds good! Some courses are so long! x

  8. You're exactly the sames as me! Lovely blog btw x

  9. I currently concentrating on passing my GCSEs too x

  10. I'm glad it turned out well for you! Thank You :)

  11. Caitriona Tighe08 April, 2015

    Im in the exact same position doll. Its such a hard decision and so scary !. Everyone keeps telling me to do something that I'll get a job in but I dont want to jump into something I dont want to do. Best of luck with your decision. I hope it all works out (it will) X .

    Caitriona | http://caitrionatighe.blogspot.ie/

  12. Meg Casson09 April, 2015

    I can imagine how daunting that is.

    At 22 I haven't studied or looked into a real career, that is pretty scary but I am happy.


  13. Emily / Hannah09 April, 2015

    I am definitely in the same situation as you and i'm in my second year of university, I think I've managed to avoid the question for another two years as I plan to go travelling after my second year hopefully. I honestly wish I knew so bad. Good luck with finding what you want to do x

    han // emandhan xo

  14. Thank you, I hope you do too! x

  15. That's exactly how I feel! It makes it even harder when everyone is trying to tell you what to do. Thank You - I hope it does for you too x

  16. I think as long as you are happy thats the main thing! x