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maggs london makeup bag | review

Hannah Maggs Makeup bag Review Maggs of London

Maggs London - Serendipity 
I have been watching Hannah for about a year and a half now and has easily become one of my favourite YouTuber's. Last Year Hannah released a range of handmade makeup bags. Ever since she launched them they have been on my wishlist. I had been holding off buying one (for some strange reason), but just before Christmas I caved and bought one. I have never found the 'perfect' makeup bag before but I think I may of now! 
I love the fact that every bag has it's own meaning and message, you can tell a lot of thoughts has gone into them. I opted for "Serendipity" after a long decision. I love how cute and dainty this bag was with the little, pink, flowers. Each bag is handmade to a very high standard with Liberty London fabric, a quilted effect, a waterproof, white lining and an inside, invisible zip. It's a perfect size too as they fit in all my daily makeup and a couple of Real Techniques brushes.  It's not too big or small either to fit inside my handbag. 
Yes, they are £25 but if you take into consideration everything they are totally worth it. I also support it as they are 100% British with them being made in London with Liberty London fabric. 

Hannah Maggs Makeup bag Review Maggs of London

When I got the parcel I was so excited and couldn't wait to open it! It came all beautifully wrapped in brown paper and string, with a handwritten tag, wishing me a Merry Christmas. If you watch her vlogs you will know how much time and effort she spends wrapping each one with Stef. I loved all of the little details such as a card I got saying 'Work hard, stay humble' which is a great quote to live by. 

I have to admit I wouldn't normally pay that much for a makeup bag but these are just stunning. They are such good quality, I have a feeling that I'm going to keep mine for a very long time.  They would make the perfect gift for someone. I know that they do sell out very quickly because there is such high demand for them, but Hannah does keep adding new and unique designs. www.maggslondon.co.uk

The meaning of my bag "This bag is dedicated to all that lies ahead. All the experiences that we're yet to encounter, all the incredible moments that are distilled in time, lying in wait. Although I often write about the importance of living in the moment I also feel that we should also try to be excited about our future.We all know the flutter of elation we feel of an impending holiday, but that holiday is just a tiny fragment of the experiences we'll eventually encounter. The future may be something uncertain and uncertainty often flirts heavily with fear but be that as it may change is inevitable to its far greater to embrace it than try to deny it. As William Shakespeare once said 'It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves'. So this bag is dedicated to your future and all the incredible moments that it contains." 

What makes the perfect makeup bag for you?


  1. Such a gorgeous make up bag and looks like great quality too! I think it's so important to by British goods, and generally I opt for this more often :) x


  2. Kate Fellows23 March, 2015

    This is so pretty, I'm a sucker for anything with flowers on! x