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14 favourites from 2014

Nike free run Tanya Burr Lipstick Canon 50mm lens Naked 2 basics Topshop black jeans Lipgloss

001. Nike Free Runs 
This might sound weird but I think these actually got me back into fitness, after I bought them I just
wanted to wear them all the time and workout. They are super comfy and are incredibly light and bouncy!  Nike free runs are now my favourite trainers ever!

002. Topshop Black skinny Jeans
I only bought these last January but since buying them I have never taken them off. I honestly don't know why I didn't buy them sooner or how I've lived without them. I spent ages finding the perfect ones but eventually, I caved on the Topshop ones; they are tight at the ankle (I hate it when there not), Stretchy and perfect sized pockets.

003. Urban Decay Basics 2 Pallet
I brought this only in October but I have used it nearly every day, I also wrote a short review on it here

004. Canon 50mm Lens 
This is my first lens other than the not so good kit lens, I never knew a change of lens could make such a difference. The only downside is that you have to stand so far away from the subject but I can get used to that.

005. Tanya Burr Lipgloss 
This year Tanya launched her makeup line, Tanya has come so incredibly far this year. I love these lipglosses so much and since writing a post all about them here I have purchased more.

006. The Fault In Our Stars 
I think everyone and their Mothers have seen this film or read the book. I went to see the film on the first day it was out and I have to admit I think it's the first time I've cried in the Cinema. Of course, I read the book (and maybe liked it a little bit more than the film), John Green is such a great writer.

007. Bioderma Micellar Water
Everyone who you speak to has tried this, I love it so much because a couple of drops on a cotton wool pad can remove my makeup from the day, I find that it's really good at removing eye makeup. It's so gentle on your skin too and your fresh feels fresh after you've used it. I need to buy another bottle soon.

008. James Bay
I first discovered him on Radio 1, I've since downloaded all his EP's. I love 'Hold back the river' and 'Let it go' (no not the Frozen one). I have a feeling he's going to be massive in 2015 and he's releasing an album **excited**!!

009. Tangle Teezer
I can't live without this hairbrush! I use it every day on either wet or dry hair. It brushes through my hair so easily and removes all the knots without tugging at my hair.

010. Collection lasting perfection concealer  
This is always my go to concealer, I also think every other blogger loves it too! It's great for covering spots and dark circles, I use it everyday without a doubt. I have repurchased it so many times and I won't break my bank as it's only £4.19!

011. Shazam app
I love this app so much! If I'm in a shop, watching tv, listening to the radio and I really like a song I'll get my Shamaz out and find it! I love it because it's so quick and will remember all the songs you've Shazamed. I don't know how I've survived without it.

Hannah Maggs Grayson Rosie MsRosieBea JessWho Jess Berry Jess Who

012. JessWho - Blog
Has one of the most amazing blogs and she is not recognised enough. I love her style so much! I don't know what else to say other than Follow Her!

013. MsRosieBea - YouTube 
I found Rosie from DailyMix Beauty Bootcamp and have watched all her videos since. I love all her makeup looks and outfits. Doesn't she have the most amazing hair? Very jealous!

014. Hannah Maggs - Blog // YouTube 
I discovered Hannah after Zoe tweeted about her in the beginning of the year. Every Sunday I wait for her daily vlog #sundaynightwiththemichalaks Stef need an award for his editing, it's amazing and he spends so much time on it. Oh and how can I forget Grayson, isn't he the cutest baby ever?!

** I was really hard to pick my favourite bloggers/vloggers

What was your favourite product of 2014? 


  1. Love the Tanya Burr lipglosses!

  2. It's great that you've been getting back into fitness! It's amazing - I recently started running and feel so much better than I ever have before. I give a lot of fitness and running advice on my blog and it's amazing how many people have said the same thing!

    xo, Emily | Lynde Avenue

  3. I love watching MsRosieBea too on YouTube, as well as Tanya Burr lipglosses, and tangle teezers. I enjoyed reading your favourites x

  4. I love the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer!


  5. I love James Bay sooooo much!!!!! One of my favourite artists of all time. :)
    I really think 2015 will be his year, he's so talented.