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LUSH Christmas Haul

Cinders // £2.50 
Dashing Santa // £2.95 
Christmas Penguin // £3.25 

Cinders are my favourite bath bomb! Over the past couple of years, I kind of made it a tradition to have a bath with it on Christmas Eve. It's described as a hot fruit punch with cracking of popping candy (Even if you're tempted, do not eat).

Look how 'Dashing Santa' is! I saw this and just had to pick it up. It's a bath bomb and contains citrus oils, smelling gorgeous and leaving your skin soft.

How could I not pick up this cute 'Christmas Penguin'? This is a bubble bar compared to the other two which are bath bombs. When you crumble it under the tap your bath will be filled with bubbles and an orange flower and mandarin oil scent, because of the oil your skin is left incredibly soft.

I also purchased a small bottle of Snow Fairy every year I stock up on this, I still have a bottle left from last year.

What's your favourite item from their Christmas range? 

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  1. I love that penguin one! My fave right now has to be that silver star bath melt that's super glittery and smells very fresh and citrusy!