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Christmas Decorations

Calendar // Tea Light Lantern // Noel Gold Lettering // Christmas Bunting //  Heart Garland  // Car With Tree Decoration // Gold Tree Candle // Heart Card Holder // Santa Sack // Santa Sign // Cookie Cutters Decorations // Sleigh and Tree Decoration // Nutcracker Decoration

I put my tree up this week and thought there weren't many nice decorations so I went searching the interweb and found some really nice decorations, mostly from John Lewis. I also noticed there was a theme with the decorations, red, gold and one of a kind. I prefer my decorations on the tree to all be different and each tells a story. I love the Santa sack and the 4 tree ornaments. Instead of Christmas cards piling up on the mantlepiece and always falling over the wooden heart is a great way to display them.

Have you put up your decorations yet? 


  1. I have yet to start decorating, but I'm eager to start this weekend! Lovely picks!


  2. All of it pleeeease!!;) it's all sooo cute :o
    Lovely post

    Alice x

  3. Thank You! :)
    You have a lovely blog x