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Winter Wardrobe Staples

Winter Staples

I love winter and especially the fashion! I love to layer up pieces and be so warm and cozy. I have picked out eight pieces that I've been loving this season.

I've wanted Floppy Hat for ages but I've never found one that suited me until I found one in H&M. If you're having a bad hair day they are perfect! // Grey Jumper are one of my favorite things about this season. They keep you warm and are grey to layer with other items of clothing. // Black Skinny Jeans are one of my most loved items this year. They go with everything and can be worn casually or smart. Topshop are my favorite! // Tartan Scarf are very classic and can complete an outfit. I feel they will be back again next year and hopefully much more to come. I love mine is so cozy. // Plaid Shirts always look great. During the colder months, I love to wear a jumper over the top so the collar and cuffs are showing.  // Striped Tops take the majority of my wardrobe as you can get them in so many varieties. I love the classic white and black one, I also loved longer sleeved ones. // Tan Loafers a wardrobe staple. If I'm stuck for shoes I can always grab a pair of loafers and the outfit will be complete. However, they don't keep your feet warm but who cares! // A Camel Coat is another staple item, you can just grab it throw it over the top of your outfit and you're guaranteed to look gorgeous.

What's your winter staple?


  1. That black hat is so cute! I love a good hat during the winter time :)


  2. I love all your choices but my favourite is probably the loafers. You always gotta have a pair of trusty loafers!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Jess - Where'sMyLipstick24 December, 2014

    You're right there!
    Merry Christmas to you too! x

  4. that grey jumper is perfect!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

  5. You're right there!
    Merry Christmas to you too! x

  6. Its only £19! It's sold out though :(