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Hello Autumn

The other week on a twitter chat we were talking about autumn and I forgot how much I've missed autumn. My favourite season! The leaves have started to fall while changing from green to a crisp red and brown, when you walk on them they make a crisp sound under your feet. I love the darker nights spent in bed catching up on the world with a mug of hot chocolate under cosy blankets and your duvet while dressed in a monkey onesie. Not wanting to get up in the morning because your duvet is so warm while everywhere has a cold crisp blanket over the top. Everything gets so much better; the clothes, the dark lips, the food. Decorated around every room are lit candles making it feel really cosy and look pretty. I currently have some lit on my desk. The iconic Pumpkin spice latte, this year I'm going to try one as everybody seems to love them. One of my favourite things about Autumn is the fashion and beauty. I love the oversize, woolly jumpers, coats, boots, scarves... everything about A/W fashion. Not only the fashion but the makeup; the dark nail polish colours, navy, black, plum. How can I forget the dark lips, that's one of the best things! I love Rimmel Kate Moss no.107. Also the long warm bubble baths with your favourite bath bomb from LUSH.

Next is Halloween time to overload on sweets from trickle treating. Then bonfire night (one of my favourites). Wrapped up in coat and gloves, writing your name with sparklers while keeping yourself warm by the roaring bonfire. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 the first firework shoots through the sky. The countdown to Christmas begins! Only 80 days left!

What's your favourite thing about Autumn? 


  1. A South Wales Blog04 October, 2014

    My favourite thing about Autumn is long walks after Sunday dinner, wrapped up in the cold. I love hot chocolate and the colours on the trees. To be honest I love everything about Autumn! Have you seen my Autumn post http://www.asouthwalesblog.com/2014/10/autumn-hello-october.html


  2. India Benjamin06 October, 2014

    I really love when the sun is going down so you get that gold glow and it's really fresh but not too cold if you're all wrapped up. Although I hate the dark mornings!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  3. Alina Bostan06 October, 2014

    I love reading Autumn posts, they just get me so excited about cosy nights in with a hot drink and candles lit! I can't believe it's only 80 days till Christmas, that is madness! x

    Beauty with charm | GIVEAWAY

  4. Roast dinners are the best! Me too I love everything about Autumn! I'll check it out x

  5. I never want to get out of bed when it's dark and cold! x

  6. I know time to start Christmas shopping! x

  7. Autumn is definitely my favourite season too. Great fashion, snuggly Friday evenings in front of the fire with a glass of wine. Heaven. Xx

    Kitty | www.kittyhearts.blogspot.co.uk

  8. Bunmi Afuye07 October, 2014

    i'm fav feeling is walking into my warm house after a ling day outside. the warmth that hits your face is amazing. plus you always look forward to going home


  9. Eleanor Weyman08 October, 2014

    I LOVE Autumn! Bit of a random one but it doesn't feel like Autumn for me until roasting chestnuts appear in the supermarket. I also am so excited for Halloween, got my costume all ready and looking forward to blogging about Halloween!

    Elesaurus | elesaurusrawr.blogspot.com

    YouTube - Eleanor Rose

  10. Sounds exciting! What are you going as? x

  11. I love weekend walks with the dog! Thank you lovely x

  12. Oh I love autumn because of the colours. I am planning on taking lots of beautiful fall pictures in the next few weeks :).
    Beauty wise, I love this time of the year because the Christmas gifts are starting to come out :D.


  13. Last week in boots they were filling the shelves with gifts! x