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My Handbag/ School Bag Essentials

My Handbag / School Bag /Everyday Essentials

In the last week, I have started a new year at school, I take this little bag with me that includes all my everyday essentials. Of course this it totally personal but this is what I like to take. When I'm not at schoolI will put the bag into my handbag. It's so much easier to keep it all in a little bag than having it wondering around my bag. 

Makeup: I only carry powder and concealer as I feel thats what you top up the most throughout the day. I don't like to lug my whole makeup bag around with me everyday. My bag is already heavy enough! I also like to carry a lip balm for when I'm suffering from dry lips. I've been loving the Babylips as you also get a slight tint of colour thats acceptable for school. 

Hair: I carry a couple of bobbles and grips as they come in handy when you have PE and when you're having a bad hair day. Recently have been loving these clips from Primark they are really good at clipping your fring up when it becomes annoying. 

Perfume and deodorant: I carry a travel size perfume bottle, for a quick spritz and freshen up. I also carry deodorant as I don't want to be smelly throughout the day, especially after PE. 

Hand sanitizer, hand cream and tissues: These aren't that exciting but they are essensuals. Sanitizer always comes in handy when it's lunch time and you're on the move. I love this Soap & Glory one as it smells nicer than the other ones because it doesn't have that chemical, alcohol smell. Hand cream because I hate having dry hands and this one from l'occitane is my favourite. Finally tissues there an essential, they don't need that much explaining.  

Other: Items not pictured! Chewing gum or mints as it's always nice to have fresh breath throughout the day. Plasters, I usually put these in when I'm wearing some uncomfortable shoes at the weekend when out shopping. Blisters are the worst! 

What's your essential?


  1. Eleanor Weyman09 September, 2014

    I literally only just finished school and you're making me miss it already :P I wish tangle teezers had come out earlier as I would've loved them at school! I always used to use those fold up brushes though which are pretty handy.

    Elesaurus | elesaurusrawr.blogspot.com
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  2. Love the little bag you have there, the pattern looks really pretty :) That Soap and Glory Hand Gel I love, I can't find any other hand sanitizer that smells as good as that one!

    Elle x

    Notes of Petranella

  3. Thanks I got it from Forever 21 last year :) I love soap and glory hand gel too!