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My First Topshop Make Up

Topshop Lipstick - Ditsy and All about me // £8.00
Topshop Powder Blush - Let her go // £7.00

I have finally got some Topshop makeup! The other day I picked up my first pieces of Topshop makeup. It's really annoying because none of the Topshop's near me sells the makeup so I have to order it online or travel miles away. I went for some bright lipsticks as most of my lipsticks are nudes. A bright lipstick is a great way to bring colour into your look. I have been wanting an orange lipstick for ages but I didn't want it to be too bright, when I found ditsy it was the perfect colour. 

The blush is really pigmented you only need a little bit otherwise you get really pink cheeks. The Lipsticks are amazing I think they are just as good as some high-end lipsticks, if not better. They have great staying powers and great pigmentation. I went out for a meal and didn't need to top it up throughout the night. I would definitely recommend them as they are a great alternative if you can't afford MAC lipsticks, you could buy two for the price of one MAC lipstick. They have a great range from matte to creamy finishes along with a large selection of colours from nudes to brights to darks. 

I really want to add to my Topshop makeup collection, I want to try the eyeliner and highlighter. I will definitely be picking up some dark lipsticks for the autumn and winter.

What's your favourite makeup from Topshop?


  1. Samellion chameleon02 July, 2014

    Those are some lovely shades i really like your blog great job jess!

    keep the awesomeness coming :)


  2. Emmerliejay02 July, 2014

    Ditsy really does look like the perfect orange shade :)
    emmerliejay x

  3. I have the blush and really love it. I really want those two lipsticks. The red one especially! x www.katesperks.blogspot.ie