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My Music Playlist #01

I thought I would put together a small playlist of songs I have been loving recently. 

Miley Cyrus - When I look at you
Recently I have been loving listening to old Miley Cyrus songs, I love this one and also a few others.

Jake Bugg - Messed up Kids 
Jake Bugg is one of my favorite artists, I love this song from his new album 'Shangri La'. I really want to go and see him live. 

Frozen - Love is an open door
Who doesn't love frozen? I have to admit this has overtaken 'Let it go'. Once you listen to this you will be singing it all day. You have been warned! 

George Ezre - Cassy O'
George is a new artist, another artist who I want to see live. This song will cheer you up if you're feeling down. He has a few other great songs you should check out 'Budapest' and 'Did you hear the rain?'.

What music have you been loving lately?

1 comment:

  1. Ahh the frozen soundtrack really is amazing!

    Holly xx