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Lush Easter Haul

Golden Egg // £3.50
Fluffy Egg // £2.95
Bunch of Carrots // £5.95

I'll start off by saying Happy Easter! I hope you've had a great long weekend in the sun and eating lots of chocolate (I know I have)!
I have to say when I walked into Lush I was so excited because their Easter range is my second favourite range. However when I looked around I was a bit disappointed because they didn't have much stock in, I don't know whether they had run out or just don't stock everything. I managed to pick up 3 items. Rant over now on to the products! When I saw these I just had to grab them, they are so cute. They are such a bargain as you get 3 carrots for just £5.95. The carrots are a bubble bar so you just hold the green straw and swish around your bath and wait for the bubbles, these are great because you can use multiple times and will last for quite a few baths. They are said to have a tropical scent with lemon, and grapefruit, I really like the smell of these. Now on to the glitteriest of them all, I just had to pick this up because look how pretty and shiny it is. This is a bath bomb so just drop in the bath and let the magic happen, I can't wait to use this one! It is said to have a toffee-honey smell, but personally, I think it smells more toffee. Finally the Fluffy Egg, I bought this one last year and loved it, if you like the smell of Snow Fairy you will enjoy this one. This is very sweet smelling and said to smell of sweet sugar and candy, a very girly scent. It's a bath bomb so just like the golden egg drop in the water and let the magic happen. I will definitely be buying this one again next year.

What's your favourite Lush item?
How are you spending Easter this year?


  1. Kirsten Sturgess20 April, 2014

    I've been lusting after golden egg after reading about it a few times!
    So gutted that I don't have a bath back at uni or I'd have gone and bought loads!
    http://just--kirsten.blogspot.com/ xx

  2. Oh no, I couldn't live without a bath! xx