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Fitness Posts?

Source Tumblr and Google

I'm thinking of doing some fitness inspired posts, as I'm not very happy with my body and I want to make a few changes so I will feel a lot happier and confident with myself. Also, the summer is on its
way and who doesn't want that bikini body!

I created this series as a way to motivate me and help me stick to it. Over the past few years I have become so unfit and now I can't even touch my toes (shock horror)! You are very welcome to share any tips and tricks you may have.

Also, check out the Tumblr page I have created, posting motivational pictures just like the ones above - Comeandgetfitwithmee.tumblr.com.

Just a quick disclaimer I'm not a fitness pro, on a crazy diet or a nutritionist. These are just things I have found form YouTube, blogs or Pinterest.

Would you be interested in health and fitness posts?

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